Pos Name Age 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936
SP Danny Schwall 35 $200k $200k $200k(P)
2B Pip Robinson 33 $115k $110k $100k
SP Ed Erautt 32 $93k
1B Bob Meusel 30 $75k $75k
C Aleck Mesner 29 $62k $62k $62k $62k $62k(T)
SS Heinie Lowman 25 $55k $55k $55k $55k $55k $55k
LF Babe Ruth 32 $19k $19k $19k
RF Joe Munson 27 $18k $18k $18k $18k $18k
CF Dutch Myers 28 $13k $13k $13k $13k
1B Hack Miller 33 $12k
3B David Das 28 $10k $10k $10k $10k
SP Mathias Mörland 29 $9k $9k $9k $9k
C Bob Sandlock 31 $9k $35k(A) $43k(A)
RP Ed Hubbert 25 $8k $8k $8k $8k $8k $8k
CF Wes Doak 30 $7k $7k(auto) $8k(A*) $8k(A) $8k(A) $8k(A) $8k(A)
RP Fritz Beck 26 $5k $6k(A) $6k(A) $6k(A) $6k(A)
1B Frank Reiger 31 $4k $5k(A) $6k(A)
SS Rynie Noussen 29 $4k $15k(A*) $22k(A) $28k(A) $35k(A) $41k(A#)
RF Paul Andrews 19 $3k(*) MiLC MiLC $6k(A*) $6k(A*) $6k(A) $6k(A) $6k(A) $7k(A#)
SS Boob Fowler 25 $3k(*) $3k(auto) $6k(A*) $6k(A*) $7k(A) $9k(A) $11k(A) $14k(A#)
RP Hansl Franz 24 $3k $4k $4k $4k(A*) $4k(A) $4k(A) $4k(A) $6k(A)
CF Liz Funk 22 $3k(*) MiLC MiLC MiLC $6k(A*) $6k(A) $6k(A) $6k(A) $6k(A)
RF Willie Furst 29 $3k(*) $3k(auto) $6k(A*) $6k(A) $6k(A) $6k(A) $7k(A#)
SP Jose Hernandez 32 $3k $3k(auto) $4k(A) $4k(A) $4k(A) $6k(A)
SP Eskil Jacobsen 22 $3k(*) $3k(auto) $3k(auto) $6k(A*) $6k(A*) $6k(A) $6k(A) $6k(A) $7k(A#)
SS Mark Koenig 22 $3k $3k(auto) $3k(auto) $8k(A*) $9k(A) $12k(A) $16k(A) $20k(A)
SP Art Marshall 29 $3k(*) $3k(auto) $3k(auto) $6k(A*) $6k(A*) $6k(A) $6k(A) $6k(A) $7k(A#)
CF Arturo Morra 26 $3k(*) MiLC MiLC $6k(A*) $6k(A*) $6k(A) $6k(A) $6k(A) $7k(A#)
CF Walt Murphy 27 $3k $18k(A) $26k(A) $34k(A) $42k(A)
SP Louis Paulet 22 $3k(*) MiLC MiLC $6k(A*) $6k(A*) $6k(A) $6k(A) $6k(A) $7k(A#)
C Eddie D Phillips 26 $3k(*) $3k(auto) $3k(auto) $8k(A*) $9k(A*) $12k(A) $16k(A) $20k(A) $23k(A#)
SS Emil Postell 24 $3k $3k(auto) $16k(A*) $17k(A) $24k(A) $32k(A) $39k(A)
C Gary Prentice 27 $3k(*) MiLC MiLC MiLC $6k(A*) $6k(A) $6k(A) $6k(A) $6k(A)
CF Josh Price 23 $3k $3k(auto) $3k(auto) $11k(A*) $12k(A) $17k(A) $22k(A) $27k(A)
LF Leon Quintana 34 $3k(*) MiLC $6k(A*) $6k(A*) $6k(A) $6k(A) $6k(A) $7k(A#)
2B Jody Risher 28 $3k(*)
SP Sloppy Thurston 26 $3k $26k(A) $38k(A) $50k(A) $66k(A)
SS Willie Wells 21 $3k $3k(auto) $4k(A*) $4k(A) $4k(A) $4k(A) $7k(A)
CF Roy Willis 26 $3k(*) MiLC MiLC MiLC $6k(A*) $6k(A) $6k(A) $6k(A) $6k(A)
TOTAL $791k $729k $705k $402k $427k $263k $178k $137k $72k $0
Legend: auto = auto-renew contract, V = Vesting Option, T = Team Option, P = Player Option, A = Arbitration Eligible, A* = possibly Arbitration eligible, else auto-renew, A# = possible FA eligible, else arbitration, MiLC=Minor League Contract, O=Player holds opt-out after the season, R=Retained Salary Player, ^=Team portion, *=players in minors on league minimum deals are only paid 16.5% of their salary while in the minors
Friday, May 31st, 2019 - OOTP Baseball 19.10 Build 122